Webber Tools Testing Page in /www/sooty/

Webber is an Ubuntu 18.04 server running in the Sooty Solutions Offices.

Internet access is provided by the nice folks at Shaw who permit all ports (like 80) to reach the Webber server

Sooty uses EasyDNS to update names services so www.sooty.ca points to the dynamic IP address provided by Shaw
Webber runs an ez-ipupdate client in a cron.daily job to update EasyDNS with any changes in the IP address

This page is used to test the tools available through Apache Web services installed on Webber.

Test Server Side Integration (SSI) SHTML Test
has been disabled since the ubuntu 12.04 implementation. It turns out SSI is a security risk and you should disable it too.

Test PHP PHP Test

Test a complete CGI website with a copy of James' old ORB site has been removed at James' request.