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Welcome to Sooty Solutions

This is a mostly inactive site for security, IoT, and other research posts.
It is an archive site from the time when Sooty did consulting.

The Contractor Difference:

The Lexa Project

Dean has started a new site based on the Artificial Intelligence application of giving voice to familiar objects.

He calls such an application a "lexa" in homage to the popular [ A ] lexa from Amazon. Alexa is often trapped in a furry metal can or a plastic stick. She is very useful (sales and streaming) but has no personality.

The new site is introduces [ D ] lexa: Dlexa the Hedge Dragon

Dlexa is a 30 foot long, 5 foot wide conversational hedge. The escallonia hedge is topiary in the shape of a dragon. She is animated with a variety of IoT based technologies and invoked using Nvidia GPUs and the open source Mycroft AI. One of the key goals is to give Dlexa an attitude and this begins with a back story that she is a real dragon and a queen from dragon realm who is trying to invade ours.

The Lexa Project is just starting and expected to take many years to complete. It is "how-to build" your own lexa. The site contains advice on growing a hedge, the build logs for the computer systems and animatronics, microcontroller programs (mostly ESP8266 and ESP32), Mycroft skills programs (mostly python), plans, and lessons learned.

What is a sooty?
Our mascot is a Harp seal pup. They are all white except a nose that looks like they have been rooting around in something covered with black soot. Curious, cuddly and accustomed to harsh conditions a "sooty" is a perfect mascot.

We pronounce the "oo" in "soot" like "foot" so the company name is "soot"- "ee".

email us if you have any questions or comments