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The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
This site has an incredible range of economic information with over 1000 Excel spreadsheets on just about every imaginable measure of the U.S. economy. The Y2K Shadow Whitepaper tracks two of the FRED II data sets "Capital Expenditures" and "IT employment".

Federal Reserve Board
This is Ben Bernanke's organization so if you want to find out how the U.S. Economy is doing this site has the Beige Book containing a review and forcasts of the U.S. economy (released eight times a year). If you want to see recent reports epecially Greenspan testimony look for the Breaking New section on their home page.

Congressional Budget Office
To find out how the U.S. Government is doing this site has 10 year economic forecasts, historical budget information and an analysis of U.S. tax and spending issues.

The Crédit Agricole Group
For a balanced analysis of world economic trends this site offers reports in both French and English.

For the Canadian economy or a Canadian view of the world economy go to this site and take the "Scotia Economics" link.

For reviews of the Information Technology business this site provides free summaries of reports from many research groups (like Gartner, Aberdeen, and Yankee) that typically charge $thousands for their analysis. Tekrati does not provide complete copies of the reports but they do include important details beyond that found in the free abstracts.